Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The subconscious mind and more ... Part 2

Some say that you are here to teach other people the lessons you need to learn yourself .. and whilst I write this, I am experiencing a bit of resistance to 'what is'. Feeling frustrated that I haven't accomplished much today. Sometimes the conflict within my mind causes me to freeze.

Life doesn't always go to plan .. which, unless you're extremely fortunate, you've probably noticed. Sometimes, we may encounter problems that seem insurmountable .. and the seemingly logical solution is to fight against them or wish they weren't there.

There are some deep rooted fears and thought patterns I have had which seem like, as the Bible puts it 'a thorn in the flesh' and all of us have issues which we would probably rather not have. It's easy to ask why or to wish it was easier to get over them. It's our resistance to these 'problems' that make things more difficult.

It takes time to uncover the various layers of fear and negative thought patterns, Fighting against yourself doesn't make things happen quicker - it slows down the process.

At the same time, it is perfectly understandable to want pain to end, and perfectly understandable sometimes to feel aggrieved about the cards life has handed to you. In fact, it's probably better to be honest than to deny how you feel. If you feel shit, it's okay. Positive thinking doesn't always work when you're down in the dumps. Sometimes we will resist the process of change.

Just do the best you can. Acknowledge where you are fighting against 'what is'.

This post was harder to write than I thought, so I'll end it there.

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