Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Why I talk about the things I do

I don't mind looking a bit stupid either ..
You may have noticed I sometimes talk about topics that are not often discussed, particularly amongst guys. I don't see myself as particularly special for this - anyone who's been through as much as I have would find it pretty easy.

I aim to raise a bit more awareness of issues that men do face, but are often too scared to talk about, for fear of appearing weak or because they can't get past society's stereotypes of what men are supposed to be.

I say - fuck society and be yourself.

Also, some men need help. It's very easy to find a website or coaching service which is all about empowering women. I haven't yet seen anything similar for men. Men do seem to have been a bit left astray, and it isn't helpful for society to have so many men who lack purpose or a sense of who they are. Whilst women have been treated disgracefully over history, and sadly still are in certain cultures, this doesn't mean that all men are bastards. And anyone who thinks that men aren't discriminated in any way should try being in my shoes for a year - it's not easy being a highly sensitive person, but even more so when you're a man.

It's time this stupid macho culture is started to be put in this place. It's time that men and women stopped fighting against each other, and it's time that people started to be their true selves. In my country, it is an absolute disgrace what this monstrosity of a government are trying to do to people. Let's not kid ourselves, the likes of Cameron, Duncan Smith, Osborne and Hunt are very nasty, malicious people without a shred of compassion or humanity. But perhaps this will be the start of a wake up call. The system as it is, is very outdated, and it will take big change for this country to be truly great again. I am hoping that people will wake up and start to speak out against injustice, and not let the greedy people at the top walk all over them without a fight.

But it's important to talk about the issues that people are scared to talk about - so many people have emotions that are buried beneath the surface. The things that people fear to talk about are the exact same things that will keep people from living their best life.

So this is some of the reasons why I don't mind talking about some uncomfortable topics.

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