Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Hello blog .. sorry if you have felt neglected

It's been ages since I published a blog post. Four months, in fact. There were times when I tried to start a post, but the inspiration was not there to complete it. It kind of felt like the right thing to take a bit of a break from blogging.

Do I have any new revelations or profound insights? Well, not really. I've been taking a bit of time to find myself and go within. I am settled in a new job which is going well, which means a bit more of a routine, and have also been spending more time with some friends who I really have connected with. Recently, I have been exploring the wonderful Yorkshire landscape, and feel blessed that I finally feel like I have found my home in Huddersfield.
Yeah, like this beautiful scene on the Yorkshire moors.
I have to say, my inspiration for writing is still a little dry. Like I don't really know what to say. Maybe I will just have to be patient.

But anyhow, what have I learnt during the last few months .. well, life is certainly not always easy. I am really starting to grasp the meaning of true acceptance .. that is, accepting that you have 'difficult' aspects of your personality, thought patterns you may not like, issues that you wish could be solved. Often, the problem is not the situation itself, but our reaction to it. That doesn't mean we shouldn't want things to change, but allowing things to be as they are, in this moment, is a step towards more peace and freedom. The spiritual teacher Jeff Foster is very good at talking about this whole topic .. check him out.

Anyways, maybe I'll get back into more regular blogging soon. I honestly don't know yet. If anyone has any sensible suggestions for a topic, I'm all ears :)

Until later.

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