Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Purpose, shortcomings and more

It's easy to focus on our shortcomings. Mine are quite a long list. Here goes ..
- I have a low concentration span at times and find it hard to focus. (Although, that said, this could partly be because I'm doing things I REALLY don't want to do or enjoy doing).
- I feel like I'm quite lazy at times. Or, at least, I need time out to recharge - part of the character makeup of any highly sensitive person.
- I don't have a clue when it comes to marketing and selling myself.

.. There are more, plus I seem to have a minor case of writer's block at this moment and I'm not sure where this post is going, but I'll carry on and see what happens.

The idea is not to gloss over these things by trying to positive think your way out of them - you really do have to tackle your demons if you are ever going to make a success of your life.

This happens one step at a time. Just like you're not going to get from a regular employee to a CEO in quick time, your subconscious programming is not going to change overnight.

In fact, the 'lulls' that seem to happen all too often are part of the journey. The times where nothing seems to be happening, when you feel you're back to square one, wondering if there's any point in trying.


I have often felt that I fell behind early in life; in reality that's probably true - I certainly wouldn't relive my childhood again if I was given the opportunity to start over.

Part of me just wants to prove that it is still possible to live the life of your dreams, even when you're getting older and even when your credentials don't seem to stack up.

I still don't know yet how this is going to happen - what I do know is that there is something in me that believes this is possible, and without question I have a life story and experiences that can be used to help and inspire others.

So on we go ....

A picture I took in the Yorkshire Dales when it started to
get foggy. Sometimes the road ahead isn't clear but if you
keep following the path, the rewards are worth it. 

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